AYF Camp Music

Why learn to sing the Camp Songs from 1925?

Music gives all a chance to sing, perform, and yell with gusto, or relax; it provides focus, changes mood and tone, and is a great part of the AYF Tradition.

Each year we learn some new hit songs which will become a favorite “camp song” remembered by hundreds of youngsters. All winter we bring ourselves back to this place when hearing the latest hits played while we were in Dish Land, or more recent tradition of Dance Parties and Flash Mob. Our Program Directors find great ways to make us move and promote group participation. “Do As I Do” and “Repeat After Me” let us become silly and enjoy a child-like spirit at any age.

AYF loyalty songs provide a unique opportunity because they:

  • repeat our mission, core values and philosophy of living
  • span the many decades since our founding
  • bond our multi-generational families
  • are not sung at most other camp or schools

Whenever alums get together, before long you will hear the strains of “On the Sand Dunes of Miniwanca” or “God of the Mountains”

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Songs of Camp Miniwanca
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